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Banned for nothing

Zde pište žádosti o ban, nebo unban.
Here is section for ban and unban.

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Banned for nothing

Postby warn » Wed 12. Jul 2017 23:03:31

GM who banned you:Komikon
reason behind bann:Nothing
Why i should be unbanned:Innoncent
i Was doing 2s With my friend When i was farming i found my account banned not just me SOme players also saffocate from this one So watchout iPs Dear komikon And unban us Soon thanks...

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Re: Banned for nothing

Postby Audinka » Fri 14. Jul 2017 9:08:28

GMs thinked that you bugged arenas. Bcs you had same ip as your partner in arenas and your partner had 0 dmg 0 heal 0 kills and other in some arenas.. these thing seems that you bugged 1-3 games. But i checked extended arena logs and it is okay.

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