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Unban my Dudu pls - PSYCHO-PROJECT.EU

Unban my Dudu pls

Zde pište žádosti o ban, nebo unban.
Here is section for ban and unban.

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Unban my Dudu pls

Postby antonio596 » Mon 28. Aug 2017 9:54:55

Unban Edinee pls Get ban for bugg arena pls unban him i never bugg again :cry:

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Re: Unban my Dudu pls

Postby Audinka » Mon 28. Aug 2017 16:31:26

Banned by GM Rigato for arena bugging from 23.8.2017 :-)

You logged 4 characters for win arenas.
1 team: your alt chars Gandon and Roshurn
2 team: Warragon and Edinee

UNBANNED + Deleted all arena points from these 4 characters and deleted both teams.

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