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Eventer Application :) - PSYCHO-PROJECT.EU

Eventer Application :)

Zde pište přihlášky, co nejvíce info o sobě a znalosti o našem serveru či příkazech.
Here you can post your sign up info, informations about you and your skills with gm commands and how much you know this server.

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Eventer Application :)

Postby Makepricter » Wed 26. Apr 2017 20:30:24

Hello,fellow players and Audinka . My name is Alexander-Sasho or Alex. I'm playing in this server from 5 years and i will be so satisfied to be a part from the GM Team. I can speak perfect English,and a little bit Czech 40% from playing so much in the server i learned it pretty much :) . I'm from Bulgaria and im 18 years old . Active player . Everyday playing . And will do a lot of events. And if i become GM i will do my best to help for the server and the players ! :) In the server i'm known as (Makepricter,Vemix,Illumination,Adriney,Ragewalk) I'm not a toxic player and not rude to the other players. My first and last perma ban was from Eluvka i think 3 years ago. And i was never banned again after this. Yesterday only for 1 hour because i messed an event :(. I hope you will like me and will give me a chance :)
And i have +4000 hours played in my accounts :)
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Re: Eventer Application :)

Postby thyartismurder » Wed 26. Apr 2017 20:37:27

he would make a very cool and nice eventer yes :arrow: :D

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Re: Eventer Application :)

Postby Adamhogjr » Fri 28. Apr 2017 15:04:56

im with Endy 50on50 If say Yes i say too 8-) 8-)


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