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eventer Marron - PSYCHO-PROJECT.EU

eventer Marron

Zde pište přihlášky, co nejvíce info o sobě a znalosti o našem serveru či příkazech.
Here you can post your sign up info, informations about you and your skills with gm commands and how much you know this server.

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eventer Marron

Postby Fitnessmania » Wed 31. May 2017 21:12:45

location:algeria.Madrid +1
reason for making this application We saffocate from lack of eventers GM so i come and write this application to treat that problem i want to be active Eventer like ymmax before and i'll try to make players happy by give the solution for players i've free time to play and to defend on server
Time at server: I've been on psychon i'll try to play 8h daily
Time playing WoW: i've played WoW since Vanilla beta was open
- Good use of English: English is the only language i currently speak +arabe i'm in the process of learning french bulgarian cz with the help of a few players here
- Responsible / Professional: when it is required of me, i am very relaxed in how i go about things but when it comes time to do something i can put my foot down and be very professional.
'm open to any questions or comments from staff members i ask all others to please stay off this thread as player input is not allowed on this sub forum.
Thanks for taking the time to read this,
Kaskas my greeting

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Re: eventer Marron

Postby Audinka » Sun 04. Jun 2017 10:28:53

Hi signature is good, but your played time is too small... Sorry we need players with higher played time. You have under 2days. We need people which will know something about server and bosses etc.

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