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trying to Correct my Mistake - PSYCHO-PROJECT.EU

trying to Correct my Mistake

Zde pište přihlášky, co nejvíce info o sobě a znalosti o našem serveru či příkazech.
Here you can post your sign up info, informations about you and your skills with gm commands and how much you know this server.

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trying to Correct my Mistake

Postby Nouridine12 » Sun 24. Jun 2018 11:56:02

Hello my name is Nouridine
My character name:Airline
my Ip ;dynamicki
i have been GM on other server my wish here to be GM only to solve Problems Also to let peaple have a fun here .in fact my best purpose here is to attract peaple to play here because i wanna Give hand on new shop .by the way Projet of new shop is Way to get ppl here So i'll Suggest some ideas to make fun Hope you wont mind if i want join because i'll be usefull here promise ya guys think about it
languages i speak:arab-french-english i can Speak english/arab Fluently i'll try to give my time to psychon

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Re: trying to Correct my Mistake

Postby Boogy » Sun 24. Jun 2018 13:21:29

Stop flame!

Your last request was not accepted nor rejected, wait for the final verdict!

Skype : Boogy

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