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[Vyriešené/Solved] FIX Spell shamana - PSYCHO-PROJECT.EU

[Vyriešené/Solved] FIX Spell shamana

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[Vyriešené/Solved] FIX Spell shamana

Postby Celissa » Thu 08. Jun 2017 22:03:33

Audak fix spell shamana, if you cast 1x Llighting bolt and i see how come 2x bolt in one cast? if you cast 2x ... and on enemy hp down for 1 sec

When i give Duel For cd or when i give duel and any one accpet i have cd on block or arcane power :D why:? you must fix

When one holy paladin used free dom and i cast frost bolt and he have cruse from frostbolt and slow in freedom :lol: :lol: :lol:

When i am in arena and used blink and nothing :D again аnd again at the same place

In arena/duel when i click deff/unstun 10x and it is not used :D

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Re: FIX Spell shamana

Postby topwarr » Fri 09. Jun 2017 0:48:17

Shaman click bolt to win

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Re: FIX Spell shamana

Postby Audinka » Mon 26. Feb 2018 13:39:55

It is Shaman talent i will try add delay for again chance of that instant.

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Re: FIX Spell shamana

Postby Boogy » Fri 22. Jun 2018 10:04:55

Inactive topic.


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