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Rigato Exceeds Job Responsibilities - PSYCHO-PROJECT.EU

Rigato Exceeds Job Responsibilities

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Rigato Exceeds Job Responsibilities

Postby Qeny » Wed 28. Jun 2017 21:10:50

Tonight we played arena against players Wsmage and lifeforweed my partner quickly killed the magician. When we left the arena in proud Wsmage wrote to my partner that banned my partner didn't agree with it, and Wsmage went on the GM's account and gave him mute I was dissatisfied with this and began to resent what I was given to mute later Fxaxq gave banned for three days. The GM Rigato exceeds the job responsibilities. We ask you to take the GM off him and stop this inimagery. + i have ss where Rigato insult me..... :| :| :|

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