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Wow Chat Application (Android, Windows) - PSYCHO-PROJECT.EU

Wow Chat Application (Android, Windows)

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Wow Chat Application (Android, Windows)

Postby Audinka » Sun 30. Jul 2017 19:19:28


Have you ever dream about game from mobile? From here it's possible!

Using the application "WoW Mini Assistant" you can login into the game and use several gaming functions from your mobile device. Capabilities are limited to interact with game chat for now. You can write and receive messages of any type. You can join to any private wow server in respect of supported game addons.

Wow Mini Assistant - mobile unofficial World Of Warcraft client.
Visit Site

Supported game addons: The Burning Crusade (8606), Wrath of the Lich King (12340)
Supported OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Android 3.0 and higher, iOS (under development)
NOTICE: Original game client not required
NOTICE: Small file size (about 20Mb)
NOTICE: Working with any private wow server

for Android on Google Play
for Windows

How to join the game:

Just choose Psycho Project server on the first screen and enter credentials.

Please, visit our web site.

Complete features list:
  • Support The Burning Crusade (8606) and Wrath of the Lich King (12340) expansions.
  • Authentication, realm selection, character selection, entering the world
  • Auto save last used realmlist and user account
  • Possibility to leave feedback or ask question related to software
  • Game chat functions:
    • Sending/receiving messages of any type (/s, /p, /g, /r)
    • Sending/receiving messages from any chanel (/1, /2, /3, ... )
    • Possibility to join or leave channels (/join, /leave)
    • Auto join to all default channels
    • Sending/receiving whispers (/w)
    • Sending whispers by mouse clicking on player name
    • Display MOTD
    • Receiving system messages and notify messages
    • Return to already sended messages (Alt + Up Arrow) (*only in Windows version)
    • All messages are colored like in original client
    • Correct display of colored texts
    • Correct display of items/spell/quest links
WARN! Software under development. So please, leave feedback as much as possible. We want to add new features, that you like! Usefulness and usability is our top priority! We will continue development by you needs. You can leave feedback or ask question through WowMini interface.

Further development roadmap:
- iOS version
- Friends list
- Guild members list
- Improvements based on yours feedback and requests

About security:
Last thing but not least is security. The security of your private information is fundamental unconditional principle for us. WowMini sends to our master server anonymous statistic of usage, but not private information. You can check it by yourself with any http sniffer. Thus, we guarantee, that your private information never will be stolen.

For greater confidence I have added links to virustotal:
v1.1.3: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/ba0e ... 480546842/

Please don't hesitate to contact with me if you have any questions or issues.
And don't forget to rate application on Google Play and share info with your friends if you enjoy.

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Re: Wow Chat Application (Android, Windows)

Postby Sharm » Sun 27. Aug 2017 0:43:21

Now we have a web site with additional info: http://wow-mini.com/

Also facebook and twitter accounts. You could subscribe for updates. I'll post about new features.

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